I tried the Walmart Beauty Box and won’t be repurchasing

Oops I did it again.

I’m really starting to think that I have a problem. But once I saw that the only cost for this box is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee I had to subscribe!

Walmart sends out seasonal beauty boxes. As each box comes out they send you a reminder email and charge you.

The shipping schedule for the Walmart Beauty Box is as follows:

  • Summer – starting the second week of June
  • Fall -starting the second week of September
  • Winter – starting the second week of December
  • Spring – starting the second week of March

Below is my initial comparison between the Walmart and Target Beauty Boxes.


  • Subscription
  • Won’t miss a box – On August 24th I signed up for the Summer 2016 box which started shipping the second week of June.
  • No cost for box only flat shipping fee of $5.oo


  • Not a subscription
  • Easy to miss a box – They sell out fast and if you’re not waiting around by a computer at the end of the month.
  • Cost varies monthly

I actually ended up cancelling my Walmart Beauty box subscription before my first box arrived because I was angry that it took forever to ship and I didn’t receive any updates.

I did end up receiving the box but I felt like I wasn’t comfortable paying for something that I couldn’t keep tabs on. Let’s say I got busy and forgot it was coming. I couldn’t even find a place to contact a customer service rep to ask about it.

HOWEVER, I was pretty impressed with how many things come inside (not so much the size though)


Without further ado – here are the contents of my box:


At the end of the day, this beauty box had way too many foil samples. Is the value over $5? Absolutely. But is a box full of foil packets worth your time? No! They’re super annoying and if its a product that you haven’t tried before you won’t be getting enough to determine if you really like it!

I say skip the Walmart Beauty Box and look elsewhere.

Sally Hansen – Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen

This is a review for Sally Hansen – Airbrush Legs. I received this product free from Influenster to review.

First, the product is offered in five different tones. The one they sent me was “light”. When I first opened the package and put some onto my leg I was worried because it was very dark. As I started rubbing it in it turned orange. I continued to put it all over my leg anyway because that’s the whole point of reviewing a product, right? By the time I applied it to my entire leg the color blended into my skin tone just fine. However, I would have preferred the “fairest” tone had I been given an option. I really liked the smell and light, moisturizing feel of it, just as make-up should be.


In the past I have used the Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanner. I have very fair skin and will burn within 15 minutes of stepping outside. Needless to say my skin is very pale and almost reflective when I wear shorts. I know someone who uses this product so I decided to give it a try. While I was generally pleased with the results I did not like the smell of the Neutrogena lotion. It also caused skin irritation after I applied it — making my legs feel like they were burning. Definitely not something I would endure for everyday use!

This adds to why the Sally Hansen leg make-up was is nice. It is meant to be used just for those special occasions when you don’t want to worry about wearing a panty hose to cover your pale legs. I liked how natural it looked and the product is actually made to even skin tone and hide veins.

I keep it on for about 6 hours and did not have any skin irritation issues nor did it rub off onto my clothes. In fact when I washed it off my skin felt smoother.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light weight product that will boost your confidence.

Just like anything used to even out your skin tone or make it darker, this product needs to be applied carefully.

Application Tips:

  • I made sure to shave my legs/exfoliate (not right before that may cause irritation)
  • Move in a circular motion from ankles up to the top of your legs (to avoids lines)
  • Apply lightly near the ankles and knees (may end up darker in the creases)
  • Rinse hands after application
  • Give your skin time to dry before you put clothes on