Cookie Cutter Pancakes

On Christmas morning I had the best idea. I was going to make a Santa hat pancake but I couldn’t find any red food dye. 

While I was digging through my boyfriends parents’ cabinet I stumbled upon a basket full of cookie cutters. So I found a metal gingerbread man and some nonstick spray and got to work.

I always use a countertop nonstick griddle to make pancakes. I made the batter like a normally do. I sprayed the bottom of the cookie cutter nonstick spray and poured some batter into it. A little bit came out of the edges (I realized afterwards the cookie cutter was bent) but it was easy to see the shape of the gingerbread man and remove the excess from the finished pancake as needed.

I let them sit a little bit longer than I would have left a regular pancake to cook because they were a little thick. I used a knife to lift the metal cookie cutter because it got a little hot.

The process definitely isn’t perfect but it was a lot of fun and a neat addition to a holiday breakfast. Would I do this again? Definitely, it wasn’t very hard to do at all!
  It would be easy to make these prettier. But, I didn’t think about writing and post this when I was making them. I just wanted to quickly throw something cute together on Christmas morning.