Are you Afraid of the Bark? – Barkbox

The October 2016 Barkbox was appropriately themed – Are you Afraid of the Bark?


Kayla’s Cauldron – $14.00

This was a tough toy. But it still didn’t take long for Molly to chew through it. You can see a picture of what’s left of it below.

October Cam&Cal.JPG

Bully Stick – $4.00

I don’t remember much about this other than the fact it was very hard and difficult to break into two pieces.

Chick or Treat – $6.00

These treats are made in the USA. They’re grain free and taste like Chicken with Sweet Potato, Cranberries, & Apples.

Skin & Coat Gummies – $10.00

These gummies” are made in the USA with an ingredient called NutriCHIA. They’re good for your dog’s coat and are meant to help with bad breath.

Count Drool Culas Bite – $10.00

This one was very funny to watch Molly play with. Imagine a toddler who just learned how to make duck lips with pringles.

Oct Lips.JPGEye Ball Tug – $12.00

I was really disappointed in the quality of this item. The “rope” portion was made with really stretchy fabric that Molly destroyed instantly. However, the eyeball is still rolling around our house two months later.

IMG_5191.JPGThis has been Molly’s natural state since we subscribed to BarkBox…she’s always surrounded by a few toys.

**Please note – the pricing in my posts are for large dogs. BarkBox typically sells their toys in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. I opted for large after our first BarkBox because I think that they’re harder to destroy.

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