Become an Influenster

Today I’m writing to tell you about this magical thing called: Influenster


Influenster is an online community of over 1.5 million people who have provided 5 millions reviews and counting on products you use everyday. Influenster is a great place to research a new product you’ve been dying to try (for me — Sally Hansen Salon Effects) to find out if it really works!

But how did all of these reviews end up on…whats it called again? & how do I know that I can trust them?

Its Influenster, pronouced in-flu-n-stir. You can trust these reviews because they are provided by people who have tried them personally. The company provides active users who have a large social media influence with free products to test and review honestly on their website. Influenster wants its users to provide honest reviews and those who review products are NOT expected to lie simply because they got them for free.

The best part is that Influenster is 100% free to join with no catch at all. As you become an active member in the Influenster community you will increase your chances of receiving a VoxBox. VoxBox’s contain a bunch of free products that match your interests for you to provide honest reviews on.

These are some of the products I have received in VoxBox’s:

Soft Lips Cube, NYC Expert Last Lip Color, Airheads Bites,

Pilot Frixon Erasable Pens, Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes,

McCormick Seasoning, Ludens Throat Drops,

Eco Tools Round Brush, Sinful Colors Nail Polish,

& Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea

Now that you’ve scrolled through this post I bet you want more information on how you can sign up and work towards receiving free products to review. If you click on any of the words in this post that say “Influenster” it will link you directly to their website using my referral code.

Note: Just because you sign up for Influnester does not mean that you will receive a VoxBox. If you want to increase your chances of receiving one you will need to:

  1. Link all of your social media to your account – this will give you a large social media impact and convince Influenster that you have a substantial social media reach to review products.
  2. Complete snaps – these are basic questions about yourself that show up on your dashboard. These “snaps” give Influenster insight into your interests and lifestyle and will help match you with the perfect VoxBox.
  3. Get Connected and stay active on the Influenster website

I love Influenster because it provides me access to millions of reviews before I purchase a product. My favorite part is that VoxBox’s give me the opportunity to try products that I would not have picked out myself — some of which I cannot live without today.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to earn a VoxBox. They have boxes that match everyone. If you continue to contribute to the Influenster community there will be one that matches you eventually.

**If you have any questions about Influenster feel free to comment below! This post does not contain the views of Influenster. I was not asked to write this post on their behalf.**

Target Cartwheel — How-to

As some of you may already know Target is my favorite place ever. I would literally go to Target everyday to browse the deals and clearance sections if I had the time.

This post is about how to use the Target Cartwheel app. It’s an easy app that you can download directly from the app store and onto your phone.

from target website

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone you will need to create an account. I prefer to link everything directly through my Facebook (I always toggle the settings so that apps do not post on my behalf) because it is one less username and password to remember.

When you’re signed in the first thing you will see is your personal barcode. If you click the three lines on the top left it will bring you to the menu screen.

personal barcode








Click on Offers –> to begin browsing current offers by category or simply look at all offers. You can choose to look at offers based on “Newest”, “Discount”, “Trending”, or “Expiring”. Each header is self explanatory.

  • Newest – includes newest offers
  • Discount – shows offers with highest discount first
  • Trending – offers trending within the app
  • Expiring – this offers are usually expiring today

Once you have clicked into a category or chosen all offers you can begin to add things to your barcode. Tap an item that you like once and click “add” to add it to your barcode. If you add an item by accident you can remove it by clicking “remove”.









Click on My Cartwheel –> to see your own personal dashboard. It includes how many offers you have redeemed, friends using the app, and your total savings. There are three categories within this screen: “Activity”, “For You”, and “Friends”

  • Activity – shows basic advertisments for products expiring soon and gives you updates on your friends: what they have added to their barcode, purchased, and badges they have earned
  • For You – displays offers that are supposed to be geared towards things you are interested in. These offers do not usually relate to anything that I would like to buy. But that may be because I add anything to my barcode that looks like a good deal.
  • Friends – shows all of your friends who are using the app (I believe this only shows up if you are linked to Facebook). This allows you to see all of your friends ranked based on their total savings. If you click on an individual person you are brought to their dashboard that allows you too see: number of offers redeemed, friends, and total savings. As well as everything they currently have added to their barcode.

activity, for you, friends

Click on Collections –> to see offers split into categories. Some of the offers showing on my screen currently are “Yard Line Dining”, “Hot Deals”, & “Weekly Ad”.


Click on Badges –> Badges allow you to earn more offer spots if you complete certain activities. If you click on each badge it will tell you what you have to do to earn it and how many offer spots it will open. The app is a little annoying when you first begin using it because you can not add that many items. As you complete these easy tasks you will open more offer spots. The picture below shows the first four Badges available:

  • Whiz Kid – add your first offer, get +1 offer spot
  • Shopping Buddy – have a friend that is using cartwheel too, get +1 offer spot
  • Social Saver – add an offer from your friends dashboard, get +1 offer spot
  • Star Collector – add an offer from a collection, get +1 offer spot


Click on Scan Product –> This prompts a barcode reader to pop up. I would suggest that you scan each product that you think applies to a Cartwheel offer (every item you pick up if you want to make sure that you are not missing any deals). This ensures that you are picking up an item that actually corresponds to a Cartwheel offer. Just like using coupons sometimes the terms are unclear and it is difficult to know if you will be saving money on the product you have picked up.

When you’re ready to head to the register

Click on My Barcode –> This is your personal barcode that compiles all of the offers that you had added. You will need to have the cashier scan it in order to redeem your offers and save money.

One thing that is really awesome about this app is that it is stackable. You can use a Cartwheel Offer, Target Coupon, Manufacturers Coupon, and Red Card savings (if you have a Red Card). This info graphic that I found on is a great explanation of how your savings can stack up on a single product.


**If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below. I would be glad to come back and edit this post if anything is unclear or if you all would like more information on a certain area.**