Happiness —

Disclaimer: I’m going to start posting the way I would talk to a friend. Yes I know how to use proper grammar. But, in an effort to live a stress-free life I’m not going to drive myself crazy over-editing my posts.

In this post, I’m going to share something I’ve been doing to keep myself happy the past few months. As I said I wanted to do in my “untitled” post.

I’ve started attending Paint Nite’s and they are so much fun.

I have always wanted to be a creative person. I try to doodle but it always turns into the same sad flower. I would give anything to be artistic. So the idea of going to an event where I get to pretend that I can paint is awesome!

They’re 21+ events held at a local bar or restaurant. You can go to their website to pick a date and location based on the picture you want to Paint. The prices seem a little high but there are coupon codes alllll over the internet to get a good price.

So far I’ve been to three and the best advice I can give is to just have fun. While you’re painting if you look at the canvases around you every single one is different. It’s easy to get caught up comparing yours to the person next to you. Don’t do it!!

Paint Nite is alllllll about having a night out to enjoy yourself. The sooner you accept that your painting will be completely different from everyone else in the room the sooner you will relax and enjoy yourself.

That being said, make sure you look at the difficulty level online. We tried a moderate painting last weekend and it was really frustrating because the picture looked so simple! The easy one’s are totally do-able even if you’ve never painted before in your life.

Here’s a few that I have done: