Home for the Holidays – BarkBox


I’m really loving that BarkBox has a theme each month, for November 2016 the theme was Home for the Holidays.

Nana’s Leftover Sammy – $10.00

I haven’t given this to the dogs yet. It’s huge so I am saving it for Christmas

12-inch lamb one pack – $3.00

This all natural lamb stick is made in the USA. It’s made with wheat, corn, and it’s soy-free. I’m saving this for Christmas as well.

Salmon Droolers – $5.00

These all-natural treats are made in the USA. They’re also grain-free, corn-free, and soy-free.

Lick the Chef Apron – $10.00

I don’t remember much about this toy but I think it had the same easy to shred rope as the eye ball pull from last month.

Pepper’s Pumpkin Pie – $9.00

I was really impressed with how tough this toy was. You could barely squish it with your hand. This toy is designated for heavy chewers. After receiving our first BarkBox I reached out to a representative and asked them to mark my subscription as a “heavy chewer”. I believe you can do this yourself at sign-up now.

Below – you can see that Molly was not pleased that I got close to her Pumpkin Pie while she was trying to destroy it.


Bark & Co Single Roll Poop Bag – $2.00

I thought these were adorable – they had cute saying written on them. I ended up giving them to a neighbor because we rarely walk our dogs.

Pumpkin Cheese Yums – $7.00

These were adorable. They look like mini crescents. They’re made in the USA and they’re gluten free. These are pumpkin and cinnamon flavored.

**Please note – the pricing in my posts are for large dogs. BarkBox typically sells their toys in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. I opted for large after our first BarkBox because I think that they’re harder to destroy.

If you’re interested in trying out BarkBox please use our referral link!

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