Birchbox Man

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.21.41 PM.jpg

I really enjoy my Birchboxes. What’s better? They are always running awesome promotions. I’ve considered signing up for Birchbox Man before knowing that mine would not be pleased that I’m spending money on it.

A monthly Birchbox man subscription is $20/month. The promotion that they are running gives you 121 points when you sign up and use the code “TEAMUSA“. It’s 121 points because that is the number of medals Team USA won at the Olympics.

This is a great deal because points can be used in the Birchbox store. 121 points values at $12.10. Typically you can earn 10 points by reviewing each product you receive.  For the women’s Birchbox that’s 50 possible points a month – one for each product.

I’ve already redeemed $10 worth of points since signing up for Birchbox in June!

If you’ve been considering a Birchbox Man subscription – now is the time! Essentially you’re trying it for only $7.90 instead of $20!



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