Currently, I am pursing a bachelors in accounting. I am proud to say that come this December I will be graduating. Unfortunately I fell into the trap of being the type of person who “doesn’t quit”. I realized last year that I absolutely hated what I was doing. But because I am not a “quitter” I decided to continue working towards my degree.

I thought that I was making the smart choice. The only choice. Who comes within a year of graduating and decides to drop out of their program? That wasn’t going to be me. So I stuck with it. And with exactly 2 months and 27 days left (I wrote this post a while ago) I am here to tell you that I made the wrong decision.

While I am grateful that I will soon have a bachelors degree. I fell into the trap that a lot of us fall into. I decide to go with the choice that I thought society expected of me. I made a choice without considering how difficult it would be to continue attending classes that I had lost interest in.

Why did I think that finishing a silly degree for a field that I didn’t intend to work in was more important than my own happiness. As we work through our lives things like this become clearer.

What seemed like the end of the world in high school is a minor issue by the time you’re in college and so forth.

Recently, I made a decision to begin doing whatever makes me happy by finding time for the things I enjoy doing. I hope to use this blog as a way to share things I enjoy with anyone who feels like reading them.

This post was left as “untitled” because with a month until graduation I’m still not sure where I’m headed in 2016. & that’s okay I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.

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